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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  August 2, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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pump the brakes. speed cameras could soon be coming your way if you live in certain parts of baltimore county. good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm adam may. baltimore county police have already begun identifying locations for those speed cameras. the devices are slated to be put up near a number of school zones. eyewitness news is live with the story. derek valcourt has the latest. >> reporter: police say at issue here is really protecting
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kids in those school zones. but first the county council has to sign on. pass one of these school zone signs, and you may also pass one of these speed cameras if baltimore county police have their way. 12 speed cameras could soon be installed on streets near schools. though which schools exactly, police haven't yet decided, but the idea sounds great to moms like this. >> somebody's gotta be looking out for these guys. speeders have to be kept in check. >> reporter: but not everyone agrees. critics argue revenue, not safety is the motive behind speed cameras. >> i think it's another money maker for the camera. it may help in some instances, but for the most part it's a money maker. >> they could just put speed bumps out there. >> the police department's focus is on public safety. i have not been part of any conversation or gatherings discussing what revenues may be
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generated from this. in fact, if our motorists abide by the law, we'll generate nothing. >> reporter: a speed camera fine would cost you about $40, but would not had a points to your driving record. and nick would know. >> it's punitive. it pun initials you but not quite as badly as a full-blown speeding ticket would. and i learned my lesson. after i got two of them in a very short period of time, i watch the needle and know exactly how fast i'm going. >> that's what the general assembly was hoping for when they approved cameras for highway construction zones and school zones. but before any speed cameras can be put into place the county council has to sign off on the bill, which will be introduced tomorrow night. a final vote on the matter will be set for september 8th. we're live, derek valcourt, eyewitness news. >> we've got a little time to prepare, derek. thank you so much. tomorrow he we'll have the latest on that bill. the other big story is the weather that moved through the state earlier today.
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number of tornado warnings and strong thunderstorms across the state today. one viewer sent in this picture of damage in federalsburg. take another look at this picture from elkton. a large tree looks like it fell on this house. we're told that everyone is say. these are just a few of the pictures that moved through maryland. our cameras also caught some damage in cecil county. one resident said the storm came in so quick did he not even have time to take cover. >> i was in my living room, looked out the front door, and i seen like tree limbs spinning in sir ca.s looked like a tornado to me. it sounded like the house got torn up. >> that storm comes after we learn that two tornadoes touched down on friday. you can see complete opposite outside now from what we have been seeing. bernadette woods has more. those were pretty strong that
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moved across the eastern shore earlier. >> we've had a few different rounds of very strong thunderstorms. the one in cecil county, they're already cleaning up. we have video from first warning doppler to take you back to that storm as it rolled through. take a look at that time clock. as we get into the 9:30, 10:00 range, the bright colors, all the intensity, a funnel cloud was reported but not a tornado. you need the funnel cloud to touch the ground for a tornado, the and the national weather service says yes, there was a funnel cloud, but not a tornado. later in the day we had another tornado warning. that was from our evening newscast. you can see from that box moving through, basically just to the southwest of salisbury and the south of vienna. we have not seen any reports of any tornadoes with that, bough few reports of waterspouts on the river also. so a few different areas that did have some very scary weather. in addition to all of that there has been a lot of rain. an incredible amount of rain. over two inches in salisbury
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alone. quickly, we want to show you first warning doppler because there are a couple of thunderstorms. nothing like what we saw earlier, but a few showers along this line making its way through harford county, also down to the south we have this batch of thunderstorms making its way off the western shore over to the eastern shore, things finally settingsing down. >> bernadette, thanks. wjz is always on. log on to for live doppler and the very latest on any power outages. baltimore city police investigating a double shooting that has left one man dead. the gunshots ranges out in the 800 block of alandale avenue. at the scene a 47-year-old man was struck in the leg. an 18-year-old suffered a gunshot wound to the back. he was rushed to shock trauma and later died. police are searching for a male suspect that fled the scene in a white minivan. also want to update you on the police involved shooting we told you about last night. the unidentified man that was shot in the head during a break-
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in is listed in critical condition. officers responded on garrison boulevard after hearing the alarm ring at this convenience store. police are seeing an alarming trend among motorcycle thefts. police say thieves are also stealing the get-away vehicles. >> reporter: stolen minivans with ripped off motorcycles in the back. baltimore county police say they're seeing more of it, especially in the last few weeks. it's crime trend that involves bakes and the get-away vehicles. first, thieves steal minivans. >> they'll tear the backseat vought the minivan, then go looking for a motorcycle that's an easy pick. >> they do it in ocean city a lot. >> motorcycle owner david has seen it happen. >> if you park your bike, and they like your bike, they get four or five guys, and they slide pipes through, shove it in the van, and they're gone in
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30 seconds. >> reporter: many of them may to have go one step further to make sure it doesn't get stolen. >> it can be wedged in between two cars or a car and a building to make it more difficult. anything that delays, they're going to go someplace else. >> vehicle owners reported at least a half a dozen motorcycle thefts since mid-july. investigators say a tracking device is critical. >> it's a very emotional thing for customers because our bikes, we're close to them. >> reporter: this man runs the harley-davidson store and sells motorcycle tracking devices. >> they don't know about it until it happens to them or to someone they he know. >> reporter: in baltimore, i'm gigi barnett, wjz, eyewitness news. >> and police with the county say that minivan owners should also park their vehicles in secure garages or well lit
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areas. always make sure to remove the keys. the growing national deficit and talks of healthcare reform have some people wondering if a tax increase is in the future for americans. this morning two vice president obama's top economic aids refused to rule out that idea. treasury secretary timothy geithner simply stated an order for the economy to grow over the long term the administration is going to have to bring down the mounting deficit. geithner and director larry summers side stepped the questions about the possibility of a tax increase today. >> he recognizes that his first job was to rescue the economy, that what he inherited was an economy with a trillion dollar plus deficit and an economy that was in free-fall and people talking about depression. and he had had to change that. and i think we have, and the statistics we've seen confirm that. >> summers went on to say that funding for a healthcare overhaul will have to come from
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somewhere, and that it's never a good idea to absolutely rule anything out. well, a mystery from the gulf war comes to andy this weekend. tonight a missing navy pilot has now been found. >> reporter: the only american unaccounted for from the gulf war has been found. the remains of scott speicher were found buried in the iraqi desert. >> to bring scott home, it really does mean something to us. i'm just sorry that we couldn't bring him home alive. >> reporter: these are some of the last picture vees speicher. >> i'd also like to say hello to my wife joanne, my son michael and meeghan. i love you and miss you. >> speicher's f-18 was shot down in the first few hours of the war. >> there's been a single american aircraft lost. it involves a single casualty. >> reporter: speicher's body had he never been found. three years later when his wreckage was discovered by
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chance, the cockpit canopy was located a mile away, along with a tattered flight suit, giving his family and friends hope. he was remembered with a dedication of an f-18 at the naval aviation museum earlier this year. spike ser's friends and family pressed the u.s. government to keep searching. six years ago the initials mss, perhaps for michael scott speicher, were found carved into a prison wall. some said the initials could mean speicher was captured and was still alive. >> no mat are what, we were committed to finding either captain speicher alive, or if we couldn't find him alive to find his remains. >> a month ago the pentagon says they received information that bedouins had had buried speicher near the crash site. wjz, eyewitness news. >> earlier this year the speicher family pressed the pentagon to find out exactly what happened, saying they
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opposed any decision to change his status from missing to killed in action. still to come, a frantic search. an underground train station collapses in china. a new form of hiv. in tonight's healthwatch report, the alarming discovery by doctors j. and too brave for the bank. why a teller was fired after confronting a robber. i'm alex did he meet trining anne arundel county. coming up, goats to the rescue. that story as eyewitness news continues. i'm meteorologist bernadette woods. another round of severe storms again today. and we may not be finished yet. your complete forecast coming up when eyewitness news returns.
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two people are dead two, more missing in china tonight after an underground railroad collapsed. chinese officials say it happened in western china. it was apparently still under construction. two workers were killed in the sakt two. other people reported missing from that site remain missing at this hour. some frightening moments aboard a northwest airlines plane today when five of its tires blew out. 15 employees were on board this plane but no passengers, and no one was hurt. officials say the pilots' brakes were overheating. the runway had to be shut down for the rest of the afternoon. a gruesome story out of california. a man decapitated with an axe. police say the man was found dead this morning. a few hours later a woman called police saying that her 21-year-old son came home covered in blood.
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that's when police began to put together the pieces. >> they found an elderly male down on the sidewalk. he had been decapitated, and it appeared the murder weapon was left behind. >> police say that weapon was an axe. the 20-year-old suspect was arrested but investigators still don't know the motive. three women are fighting it out pretty hard. revenge has a price. they have all been charged with false imprisonment after they assaulted a man accused of dating all the women at the exact same time. police say that one of the women lured him into a hotel room, then called the other women, and they beat the man. a philadelphia man behind bars accused of trying to sell his infant daughter for drug money. authorities rescued the baby before it was too late.
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a frantic 911 call came in from a caretaker who said the father took the baby with the intent to sell her. >> the baby had stable vitals, and it was sleeping and didn't even know that anything was happening. thank god for. that. >> he's like, if you ain't got no money, i'm going to sell her at the correspond store. he just snatched the baby. >> the father has it not been charged but the incident is still under investigation tonight. charges are pending. the baby is now in the care of the city's department of human services. in tonight's eyewitness news healthwatch report, it appears there is a new strain of hiv out there. he researchers in france say a woman from the african nation of cameroon has a strain of the disease that is different from the other three. officials say this type appears to be related to a virus recently are discovered in wild gorillas. the three previously known hiv strains are related to the virus that occurs in chimpanzees. this pattern of stormy
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weather has made it hard to get out to the garden and weed. anne arundel is now trying out nature's weed whackers. >> reporter: when it's mealtime, you don't have to call a goat twice. for animals with iron stomachs, there's always something to eat. in this case, it's weed and nonnative plants at hancock's resolution, a park. >> they're pretty much herb side with lead. here they came in and ate the poison eye veerks then they started in on the greenbriar, and they're saving this english ivy for last. >> a tough digestion can make all the difference. >> it's a great way to avoid having to use heavy equipment and herbicides. this is an excellent ecologically friendly way to do it. >> how about in terms of money? is it cheaper? >> absolutely. >> reporter: these goats weren't originally purchased to clear land, but it turns out their appetite keeps them off the menu.
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>> we got the goats originally as meat goats, which i wasn't too sure about anyway, but when we got them and realized their docile personality, and just how wonderful they are as pets, we decided that we were going to look for another way to keep them around. >> the bare branches of vines plucked clean show their usefulness. in just one days weeds and invasive plants are nibbled right down to the ground. free seed for the goat's owners and an alternative other agencies in maryland are chewing over. alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >> the rain we've been having, i could use those goats in my yard. if you're wondering how they eat in the right spot, we're told that they're using a portable electric fence. a brave bank teller faced a robber and tackled the man a few blocks away, but his quick
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action apparently violated policy. the teller was expecting maybe a reprimand for the broken rules, but instead, he was let go from the keybanc there in seattle. let's check in with meteorologist bernadette woods. that line of storms that came through today were so strong. >> very scary looking. there was rotation on the radar. we haven't heard any reports of a funnel cloud reaching the ground. >> but some waterspouts. >> a waterspout was spotted by someone, so we have tried to contact the weather service. don't know if they're investigating that one. they're not investigating the one in cecil county because they're saying it was a funnel cloud but did not touch the ground. a lot of scary moments after a week of wild weather. want to take you to first warning doppler radar. fortunately everything is starting to clear thow. is the line of thunderstorms in pennsylvania. it is barely a shower making its way through harford county
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and baltimore county. down to the south a couple of showers that are dying down quickly. earlier today we saw a few different rounds of these showers and storms come through, and they really left their damage in some places. rainfall amounts were incredible. salisbury 2.20 inches. and that was from two different rounds of heavy rain. we saw in ocean city nearly two inches. a lot of the roads were flooded. they've had to close a couple of roads with nearly two feet of water. also in elkton, that was in one hour from the thunderstorms earlier today. most of the heavy rain we were seeing is in harford county to cecil county, also down in southern parts of the eastern shore. things again, as we said, are quieting down. we don't have any watches or warnings in our area at this point. winds are very light out there. there's a lot of moisture out there. dew points 71 degrees. temperature very close to that. when you have the combination and light winds, we know the fog is going to for.
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we're starting to seat already around the region. that will continue through the overnight. this front is leaving us. behind it a break in the action. but in this kind of an atmosphere we are not going to rule out a pop-up shower or thunderstorm during the day tomorrow or on tuesday, but the thing is no real organized storm. on wednesday, that's the next organized storm coming our way, and there is a chance for some strong thunderstorms as we head through the afternoon on wednesday, but before that, on monday and tuesday, looks like we're quieting down somewhat at least. tonight, things really starting to calm down. some fog forming later on during the overnight. tomorrow, 87 degrees, a very warm and muggy afternoon. we could get up to 92 on tuesday before that next front comes our way. and another one will follow on friday. >> feels like august.
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ravens wide receiver derrick mason back to work after unretiring yesterday, and now filling in his own big shoes at training camp.
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three weeks ago the ravens receiver hung up the cleats, but watch him here. foxworth left frozen in his tracks. mason is back. >> i got the opportunity to reevaluate it and talk to people, and we felt that it was best for me to finish this thing out. i think it sends a good message to my children. to finish what you start. and i'm going to finish this thing out and see where i go from here. >> good message for grown-ups, too. baseball, and a day the orioles will probably always remember to forget. boston opened up a can of head whoopin'. orioles storm back with a vengeance, scoring six in the
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3rd. emotions overheated. greg zahn got tired of the umpire's expanding strike zone and was thrown out, and then here's more. >> i'm not going to talk to the newspapers or the tv, i'm not going to give any fancy quotes. i think what you do is you show up at the ballpark and you expect to play, you do the very best you can all the time. if you don't play, you stay prepared to play. it's about the team, it's never about one guy, and that's the way it is. >> we'll keep you updated. golf, tiger woods missing the birdie putt on 18. eventually picks his chin back one 569 today beating chalmers and thatcher by three strokes. meantime, indiana, seniors
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u.s. open, fred funk wins by six shots. as for the ladies, from england, katrina matthew, just gave birth to her second child, gets her first career victory. it's a major-major, the women's british open. hey, that's sports for now. hope you have a great week. talk to you soon. >> stan, thank you so much. still to come, america's favorite pastime has a whole favorite pastime has a whole new set of pliers. this is humiliating. stand still so we can get an accurate reading. pounds and a smidge. a smidge? y'know, there's really no need to weigh packages under 70 pounds. with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service, if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. cool. you know this scale is off b. maybe five. priority mail flat rate boxes only from the postal service.
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new technology is helping
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the blind play baseball. they call this beat ball. the baseball makes a constant beeping sound that lets players know where it is, and the bases are a little bit bigger. everyone is wearing eye masks to even out the playing field. looks interesting. it seems sky diving is all the rage for some elderly americans. what a way to ring another decade. a topeka, kansas man celebrated his 80th by jumping out of a plane. after a lifetime of teaching school he says he took this leap to show his appreciation for his life. we'll be right back.
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